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Re-work & Re-pack

Pack, re-pack, label, re-label, palletise & re-palletise

We can pack, re-pack, label, re-label, palletise and re-palletise all of your goods within our facility. From accepting your bulk packed shipping containers or trailers to unloading and managing the total logistics of your stock from production and delivery from import and receiving, right up to the to the final consumer we can offer you full logistical management of your stock.

You may wish to send your consignment to Messenger Express, let us re-pack, label and/or re-palletise it whilst your vehicle waits to reload for onward delivery for your customers required delivery methods.

Whatever your requirement or that of your customer, give us a call and we will listen to your requirements, make suggestions and calculate a cost which can be proportioned down to unit/item price giving you the option to add the cost to your final unit/item price on to your customer.

We can assist you in ascertaining the cost per item/unit and offer logistical suggestions with the hope of achieving your price per unit/item within your anticipated budget. This would be what we would refer to a logistical consultation and we would gladly offer this free of charge with no obligation for commitment.

We realise that the lower we can keep your costs the greater the chance of us both achieving the business without compromising on excellent levels of service.

Repack, Repacking Services

Above: An example of a typical repack operation